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Company Workshops (Discovery Call)

Learn How You and Your Team Best Show Up in the Workplace

  • 20 minutes
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Service Description

This is a 20-minute discovery call to answer any questions you might have as well as review the goals for your company. Full pricing details as well as expectations will also be discussed during this call. Company Workshops are Split into 2 Workshops: WORKSHOP 1: In the first workshop we go over the basics of Human Design and answer questions around the five human design types and how they fundamentally operate and show up in the work place environment. The nine energy centers will also be covered. WHAT THIS LOOKS LIKE: + 1-1.5 hour interactive session with the team + Understanding the strategies, not-self themes, and signatures behind each Human Design type + Overview of the 9 Energy Centers + Review on "Undefined" vs. "Defined" Energy Centers in the workplace environment + 10-15min Q&A time EXPECTATION: after the first session, participants will be well equipped in understanding the basics of their Human Design as well as their colleagues. They will leave having the ability to look at other Human Design charts and recognize how different charts show up and operate in the workplace. WORKSHOP 2: In the second workshop we will dive much deeper and get into the specific areas found within the Human Design chart that make up different characteristics and qualities that are not based on a single design type. A chat on profiles (the backbone to our personalities) as well as specific gates and channels related to the workplace environment will be covered. WHAT THIS LOOKS LIKE: + 1-1.5 hour interactive session with the team + Understanding the basics behind the 6 lines that make up the 12 profiles in Human Design + Overview of the transformation arrows (the lowdown on how each of us operate when it comes to routine, environment, and detail)! + Review on specific gates and channels that are unique to each individual as well as a broad team comparison + 10-15min Q&A time EXPECTATION: after the second session, participants will have a much deeper understanding of their individual Human Design and how they show up in the workplace. Participants will leave with the knowledge of how their personality shows up at work as well as several tools they might choose to incorporate to activate more flow in both their professional as well as personal lives.

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