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My Story

Hello, my name is Sarah Tulin and I am a certified Human Design Reader, Reiki Practitioner, and Yoga Instructor. My greatest joy and passion in this lifetime is to introduce these practices and modalities to others who are ready to step into their own personal journey of alignment, higher purpose and self-discovery. These powerful tools have so much to teach us and it is my great honor to be a conduit to those seeking to learn beyond what society has defined for us.


Thought-Based Approach

Intuitive & Insightful

Human Design, Reiki, and Yoga are three very different practices that I have had the great opportunity to incorporate into my daily life over the years. We are all here to enjoy and though these practices differ greatly, when practiced together they have enabled me to learn far beyond what I could ever imagine. Our lives are often described as a journey as there is no specific definition or way. We are all here to remember that the only control we have is our emotions and how we choose to show up and feel about whatever life presents us with in this lifetime.

Mini Dive

Understand Yourself Better

This is a 20-minute mini reading that goes over the what human design is and the basic aspects of your design, including your energy type and profile, how you best make decisions, and potential recurring themes that your design might experience in this lifetime.

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